The curriculum based programme is open to all families who need additional care for their children due to work or studies. We believe in a recreational environment that compliments the school and offers the children the opportunity to learn through a wide range of activities. We challenge the children to new experiences and ensure that all children’s needs are taken into consideration. Positive social relationships and creative play is at the core of our fritids programme!   

Practical information

Fritids is open between 7:15-8:30 & 14:30-17:30 during term time. Fritids is open all school breaks, with the exception of public holidays and two staff training days / term. Fritids is subsidised by the government and your cost follows the communal maximum rate (maxtaxan) which is regulated by your total household income.

Fritids Calendar 2023-2024.docx

Welcome to Fritids 2023-2024

Fritids application
You apply to Fritids by submitting this form to the school reception. We aim have students registered within a week after receiving an application.

Withdrawal Form Fritids Programme
To withdraw your child from Fritids, please complete this form and return to the school reception. Note, there is a two months notice period for withdrawals.