Our students come from about 50 different countries and their very diverse backgrounds contribute to our open-minded, multicultural and caring atmosphere. Students find it easy to settle in and very quickly become part of our school community. And that is important. Students who feel comfortable at school are more likely to learn successfully.

We accompany our students through their learning and equip them with the necessary skills that our fast changing world expects from us. We foster their independence, their curiosity and their talents, helping them to strive for their passions and achieve their full potential in all aspects of the learning process.

At Bladins emphasis is placed on fully developing the students’ intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, physical and moral potential and, as a school, serve as an example of educational excellence. By having a comprehensive view of the students, Bladins creates long-term and trusting relationships with students, parents and staff

As part of our holistic education, we offer a wide variety of subjects including the Arts, Design and a broad choice of Languages. This allows us not only to encourage our students to choose subjects following their interests but also to develop and flourish in many diverse ways.