If you would like to withdraw your child from BISM, please complete and return a Withdrawal Form signed by both legal guardians.

Withdrawal form

Termination of school place for the next academic year

Termination of the school place for the coming academic year must be completed via the school’s withdrawal form (see above) and returned to Bladins admissions office no later than the end of February. The withdrawal form needs to be signed by the student’s legal guardians. 

If the school place is not terminated on time, the student will be enrolled for the next academic year, but not longer than for Grade 9.

Notice of termination

When a legal guardian submits a notice of termination to Bladins, the termination will take effect on the last day of the third month after the notice is received.

If the student does not use their school place during the notice period, the legal guardians are jointly and severally liable for paying Bladins during the notice period, the total gross fee during the academic year, and compensation for non-payment of the municipal school subsidy during non-term time. 

Should the guardians decide to remove a student from the school and placed in another school, that student’s school place is terminated. Similarly, if the student is removed from school and is no longer registered as residing in Sweden, then that student’s school place is also terminated.