At Bladins International School, we want everyone to enjoy our tasty and nutritious lunch!

Starting in September 2023, all students at BISM have lunch at Europaporten’s school lunch restaurant. If a special diet is needed due to for example allergies, a certificate from a physician needs to be handed in to the school.

The school kitchen does not use nuts, almonds or peanuts, but cannot guarantee the absence of any trace elements. In order to rule out any form of contamination between food, the food for students with allergies is therefore delivered by a catering company run by experienced staff with good knowledge of special diets. It is important that everyone with a registered special diet (lactose intolerant are exempt) collects their lunch box from the kitchen staff. Partly to ensure the content, partly because we make sure that everyone has received the right food so that we can track any deviations in our own control. Therefore, those with registered special diets cannot eat the regular food.

Content declaration with allergens is available daily. For those who can’t eat pork, we offer a vegetarian meal. The food served is prepared with quality ingredients, and is planned in consultation with a dietician and the school’s food council.