As responsible individuals in society, Bladins students:

Respect the value of others and have personal values
Have self-understanding and positive self-image
Have ethical attitudes towards work and social relations
Have sound decision-making skills
Think and act critically, creatively and independently
Lead a positive and healthy life-style.

As learners with an international perspective, Bladins students:

Learn how to learn
Discover the joy of learning
Develop the capacity to solve problems independently and in co-operation with others
Acquire knowledge and sensitive awareness of universal ethical and moral issues
Develop capabilities in the arts
Understand modern technologies and use them wisely and effectively
Attain depth and breadth of academic knowledge and understanding
Are well prepared for the demands of higher education and of life

To support its students in the realisation of its mission, Bladins:

Is committed to the continued development of the IB PYP and MYP as a means to offer high quality international education
Achieves the highest academic standards, especially those which are measurable and demonstrable
Maintains a physical, learning and teaching environment conductive to the highest standards of attainment
Encourages full parent involvement in support of their children’s education
Inspires teaching and learning that is effective for all its students including those who need academic and/or language support