With regards to distance learning in MYP 1- 4

To Guardians at Bladins Grundskola and Bladins International School of Malmö

In accordance with recommendations from Infection Control Skåne (Smittskydd Skåne) students in grade 7-9 and MYP 1-4 at Bladins should begin a gradual return to school. Therefore Bladins has decided the following: 

  • The online teaching continues for students in grades 7–9 & MYP 1-4 until January 29th
  • On February 1st, all students in grade 9 & MYP 4 should return to school 
  • Thereafter the remaining classes are planned to return to school gradually. The exact timeline for this has not yet been decided as it depends on how the infection situation develops and Infection control Skåne’s continued recommendations. We will return with more information about this at the end of next week.

Students who are learning remotely will continue to be offered school lunch in the same way as they have so far, please see information attached. 

Bladins is awaiting recommendations from Infection Control Skåne regarding upper secondary school education. These are expected to be announced this afternoon and students and guardians at Bladins Gymnasium and the IB Diploma Program will be informed as soon as possible. 

Routines for a safe school

The Bladins School Foundation works hard to reduce the risk of spreading infection in our schools. We work with the preventive measures recommended by the Public Health Agency and conduct regular risk assessments to evaluate and improve our routines and measures. As before, we work to reduce congestion by making changes to schedules and room allocations and to keep all of our schools closed to all external visits including guardians.

We thank you as guardians for doing your best to follow the routines each school has regarding drop-off and pick-up of your child and for informing your child about the importance of following the existing routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I inform school if my child is confirmed sick with Covid -19? 

If your child has received a positive test result and your child was at school during the time it was contagious, you must inform the Principal. A person is considered to be contagious from 24 hours before they experienced the first symptoms.

The Principal will then act in accordance with recommendations from the Infection control Skåne (Smittskydd Skåne). 

This also applies to students over the age of 18 who are attending upper secondary school.

Instructions for how to act in the event of a positive test result (Swedish link)

We have a confirmed case of Covid -19 in the family. Should my child stay at home? 

As of the 1st of December 2020, children of preschool and compulsory school age who live in a household with a person with confirmed covid -19 should follow the same rules of conduct as others in the household. This means that children in preschool and compulsory school must stay home from preschool, school and after school care from the date when the household member is tested positive and seven days ahead. Furthermore, guardians should pay extra attention to whether the child shows symptoms, as well as minimise the child’s contacts outside school, for another 7 days. See more details here.

Students attending upper secondary school must already follow the same guidelines.

Find more answers to your questions on our website here

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