Frequently Asked Questions for guardians

Below you will find information for you as a guardian to children and students who attend Bladins preschools and schools. The information is updated regularly. Please remember, if your child shows signs of a cold, even mild symptoms – stay at home!

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When are children and students allowed back to preschool or school after they have been sick? 

Sweden has chosen for schools and preschools to remain open. For this to be possible, it is with the restriction that the children and students in preschools and schools are completely healthy. 

Children and students shall remain at home for as long as they show signs of cold/flu symptoms. They are welcome back to school after they have been symptom-free for 2 days. 

My child has mild cold symptoms, should they stay at home? 

Yes, everyone with symptoms of respiratory infection or cold, even mild ones, should avoid all social contacts as there is a risk of an infection spreading (according to guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency). Therefore your child should not attend school even with mild symptoms of a cold, for example a snotty nose, cough, sore throat or a fever. When the child is healthy, they should stay at home for an additional two days before they return to school.  

If parents or siblings are sick, is the child allowed to attend preschool or school? 

Yes. If the child is symptom-free they are welcome to preschool and school. With mild symptoms the child should stay at home.

My child is sensitive to infection, should they go to school? 

Please turn to your child’s Doctor for guidance. In consultation with a Doctor each individual  has to assess how they should act in the current situation. If the assessment is that your child should not go to school, please contact the Principal.

Currently, both Bladins Grundskola and BISM offer distance learning for those students who, by their Doctor,  are advised not to go to school as well as for students who are sick but considered well enough to follow the education by their guardians. If students are sick and cannot follow the education they shall not take part in distance learning. 

As a rule, healthy students without symptoms should attend school in accordance with the  Swedish School Act which requires compulsory school attendance. 

We have a confirmed case of covid -19 in the family. Should my child stay at home? 

The person with a confirmed case of covid -19 will receive instructions from their Doctor with regards to how to stop the infection spreading to others. These instructions can include advice for other people in the household. 

What do our preschools and schools do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

Bladins follows the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency to schools and preschools and has implemented the following measures to prevent the spread of infection in all preschools and compulsory schools:

  • Guardians of children and students who display cold/flu symptoms during the day are contacted directly and asked to come and pick up their child as soon as possible. 
  • Children and students are regularly informed and reminded of the importance of good hand hygiene, sneezing / coughing in the arm crease and avoiding touching their face.
  • Signs with information about hand hygiene are posted around the school and hand sanitizer is available for students and staff (not for the children in preschool)
  • Increased cleaning routines at all schools, including wiping of door handles, handrails, tables and bathrooms
  • Toys and school IT equipment is cleaned daily
  • Students and staff who have been provided with a laptop from school are urged to wipe this regularly, cleaning supplies are provided by the school
  • Increased distance between students in class rooms, dining rooms and other areas
  • Actions taken to reduce queues to the dining room 
  • To the extent it is possible, activities that are able to take place outside, such as activities in preschools and after school care, as well as PE lessons are conducted outdoors. 
  • External study visits and class trips are cancelled 
  • Events such as performances, assemblies and other gatherings are cancelled
  • No external visits are allowed to any of our facilities
  • Guardians drop off and pick up their children outside the schools, with the exclusion of preschools 

Access the Swedish Public Health Agency’s guidelines for schools and preschools here (Swedish only): 

Who are considered to work in essential businesses and will therefore have access to childcare for their children in schools and preschool if schools close?

In the event of a closure of preschools and/or schools, the government has decided that childcare should be provided to children of guardians who work in essential businesses. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has clarified which sectors are considered to be essential to society.

Please note that you are only entitled to childcare if you are not able to arrange this in another way. If there are two guardians and only one works in an essential business it is expected that the second guardian takes care of the child. 

Read information about this here (Swedish only). 

I work in an essential business and will need childcare in the event of a preschool and/or school closure. How do I report this to Bladins?  

If you as a guardian think that your job may be essential, please discuss this with your employer.  It is the employer who determines if you work in an essential business and which employees who are essential in order to uphold essential services. 

If your work is considered essential you should report your need of childcare to the Principal of your child’s preschool/school.

If Bladins requests it, you as a guardian should be able to validate your need for childcare with a confirmation from your employer. 

Will the Swedish national tests take place during the spring term?

This question applies to the Swedish compulsory and upper secondary schools. 

The Swedish National Agency for Education has decided to cancel all national tests during the rest of the spring term. The decision applies to the Swedish compulsory and upper secondary school. No test information will be sent to schools. The national tests in grade three that have already begun will not be completed. 

For more information please see here (Swedish only). 

I want to keep my child at home, can I do that?

If your child is healthy, it is important that your child comes to school and takes part in the education. Otherwise the child risks unauthorised absence. 

A child living in Sweden has to attend school from förskoleklass (PYP 1) to grade 9 (MYP 4) and have during this time a legal right to have access to education. This is regulated in the Swedish School Act.

We follow the directives from the National Public Health Agency. They mean that there is currently no reason for healthy students to stay home from school from an infection control perspective.  

Why do you not close the schools?

Bladins should, as an actor in a community-bearing sector, follow the expert advice given by the government and the Public Health Agency. At present, the advice is to keep preschools and compulsory schools open. For this to work, it is necessary that everyone with cold symptoms (even mild) stay at home until they are completely healthy and an additional two days. 

The government and Public Health Agency recommend upper secondary schools as well as adult education and universities to conduct distance teaching and learning as of the 18th of March 2020. Bladins Gymnasium and the IB Diploma Programme follow this recommendation. The recommendation from the government to close upper secondary schools as well as to encourage workplaces to enable people to work from home is not because being at a school or a workplace is in itself a risk. The Public Health Agency would however like to limit traveling amongst the country’s upper secondary schools students who generally travel further to their schools than children and students in preschools and schools.  

Amongst our guardians there are many individuals who work in roles that are essential for society to function, such as police, hospital staff and staff in social and elderly care. Closed preschools and schools will have consequences across society in sectors which are essential. 

Preschools and schools are also safe spaces for many children in their day-to-day life and the children and students who need special support receive this in school. Schools also help maintain children’s routines which is especially important for their sense of security in a time of uncertainty. Therefore we choose to keep our schools and preschools open for as long as the guidelines from the authorities do not say otherwise.

How do I speak to my child about the coronavirus? 

It is important that children are given the opportunity to talk about their thoughts and possible worry regarding covid-19. 

BRIS (a Swedish children rights organisation) have together with MSB Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) developed this advice for adults (Swedish only)

If you are unable to read Swedish and would like support in how to speak to your child about the current situation, please contact your school’s counselor or other member of staff for guidance.  

Why are so many of your links in Swedish? 

In this FAQ we have tried to gather and summarise the most important information from the Swedish authorised on this matter. We have chosen to include the original links for you to have access to the original source. Unfortunately, not all details from the authorities have been translated into English at this stage. 

Please see links to general information in English from Swedish authorities on the right hand side of this page

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