Bladins has a long and proud history of educating generations of Malmö residents. Bladins played a vital role in the development of society throughout the 20th century. We have experienced many changes in society and have contributed to the progress that people did not believe possible.

We have seen Malmö evolve into the fantastic city it is today. And we have learned some lessons – that nothing remains the same. Everything is changing. History has taught us important lessons, and in everything we do we strive to prepare children and pupils for a global world of diversity. Our students acquire relevant knowledge, 21st-century skills and global awareness.

We are one of the few schools in Sweden that offer the opportunity to follow your child’s development from preschool through upper secondary school. Together, and over the course of each school year, we practice the skills needed to face a tomorrow we know very little about. At Bladins, we equip children and pupils with a diverse range of skills that they will need to shape their own future. We recognize the interplay between history, tradition and innovation.

We call it learning in the true spirit of Bladins!