Complaint management

The Bladins Foundation always strives to maintain a high level of quality in operations. As the principal, the Foundation has final responsibility for providing a high-quality education in a secure environment for every child and student. Complaints about substandard conditions are handled through a shared procedure across every school and are considered an important part of the Foundation’s systematic quality control process.

In line with Article 6.1 and Article 6.2, Bladins International School of Malmö (BISM) encourages students and guardians to formally forward their complaint against IB programme decisions made by the school, to firstly the Principal for the relevant programme, and if after that you are not satisfied with the outcome, then please contact the Head of School at

Step 1
Always talk with a teacher or mentor at the preschool or school first. A lot of issues can be investigated, clarified or corrected right away. When guardians talk to a teacher or mentor, they are kept updated about how the issue is being addressed.

Step 2
If you’re not satisfied with the answer or response, or if in your opinion the situation has not been investigated or improved, you should turn to the responsible principal, who can determine if more needs to be done.

Step 3
If you’re not satisfied with the principal’s answer or actions, you can contact the Head of School.

Step 4
If you’re not satisfied with the Head of Schools answer or actions, you can contact the Foundation. The Foundation has a responsibility to investigate claims independently of headmasters. In this case, use the below online form.

Online form: Submit a complaint about substandard conditions

What happens next?
When you submit your complaint and provide your name, address, email and telephone number, you will receive a confirmation that it has been received. We can of course maintain individuals’ privacy. You will receive a response about your complaint within ten days, and you might also be contacted if more information is necessary. You will be notified if there is an investigation planned or if measures will be taken.

For obvious reasons, if you wish to remain anonymous then you will not receive any response about how your complaint is being handled. However, if deemed necessary and if it is at all possible, the matter will be investigated.

Responses to complaints submitted during the summer (June through August) can take longer than ten days.

If you suspect the continued existence of substandard conditions
If you suspect that substandard conditions are continuing at a school or Fritids after the Foundation has addressed it, you can contact the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.

The Malmö city government’s preschool committee/municipal preschool administration has the supervisory authority when it comes to continued substandard conditions in Bladins preschools after the Foundation has handled your complaint. The exception to this supervisory authority is offensive treatment, which is investigated by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.