Updated guidelines for children who live with a person with confirmed covid -19


Update to all guardians at Bladins preschools and compulsory schools, including BISM.

Today (201201), the Swedish Public Health Agency informed about new rules of conduct regarding children of preschool and compulsory school age due to covid -19.

The new recommendations mean that children who live in a household with a person with confirmed covid -19 should follow the same rules of conduct as the others in the household. This means that children of preschool and compulsory school age should stay at home and not go to preschool, school or after school care from the date when the household member tested positive and seven days ahead. Furthermore, guardians should pay extra attention to whether the child shows any symptoms, as well as minimise the child’s contacts outside school, for another 7 days. See full details here (in Swedish). 

It is important that you follow your school’s usual routine for reporting absence. 

To the extent it is possible, Bladins Grundskola and BISM offer some distance learning or assignments for the student to complete at home. Please follow the same routine as when a student takes part in this due to other absence, such as with mild symptoms.  

If you have any questions with regards to the new recommendations, please contact your school, Principal or info@bladins.se. You can also find all up-to-date information about how Bladins handle covid -19 on our website


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