With regards to the coronavirus (covid -19) 

The Bladins School Foundation follows the directives from the responsible national authorities and will act quickly on any new information. 

The following guidelines apply to all preschool children, all students in compulsory and upper secondary school, as well as all employees at Bladins School.

  • If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, even mild cold and/or flu symptoms, you should stay at home and report yourself/your child sick. If symptoms occur during the school or work day, you should go home without delay. Employees must contact their line manager. 
  • You should remain at home until you have been completely free of symptoms for 48 hours. 

Bladins preschools, Swedish compulsory school and BISM 

The foundations preschools, compulsory school and BISM remain open as usual and follow closely the recommendations from the responsible authorities. At the same time all schools are preparing for different scenarios for the preschools and schools, for example in the event of high numbers of absence of staff or children, or if the government decides that schools should go over to distance teaching. 

Bladins Gymnasium, including IB Diploma Programme 

As per the decision from the Swedish government on March 18th, all education at Bladins Gymnasium and IB DP is carried out through distance learning. There may be times when it is decided that students in their final year should come into school for exams or practicals. On these occasions the risk of infection will be taken into account and no large number of students will be in the same room.