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Information regarding childcare in the event of a possible closure

The Bladins School Foundation follow the directives from the Swedish government and
responsible public agencies. At present, Bladins pre schools and compulsory schools remain
open, but the foundation is preparing our schools for possible changes, including that parts
or all of our pre schools and/or compulsory schools will need to close.
In the event of such a closure Bladins are responsible for providing childcare for those
children/students whose guardians work in essential businesses as well as for
children/students who are in need of special support due to physical, psychological or other

For those work in essential businesses and are in need of childcare

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has clarified which sectors are considered to
be essential to society, link provided below.

In order for Bladins to be able to plan this in the best possible way, we ask you to speak to
your employer. It is the employer who determines if you work in an essential business and
which employees who are essential in order to uphold essential services.

We ask you to inform your child’s school if your work is considered essential and you are in
need of childcare for your child. We need this information as soon as possible, and no later
than 14th April.

Please note that you are only entitled to childcare if you are not able to arrange this in
another way. If there are two guardians and only one works in an essential business it is
expected that the second guardian takes care of the child.

Please send your information to
Bladins Förskola Katrin.Smith@bladins.se
Bladins Grundskola: Anneli.Eliasson@bladins.se
Bladins International Pre School: Katrin.Smith@bladins.se
Bladins International School of Malmö: Alex.Rankin@bladins.se

Care of children and students in need of special support

Children and students whose need of special support, due to physical, psychological or other
reasons can only be provided within pre school or after school care should be offered such

The school decide which students have the right to special support. If you as a guardian have
questions about your child’s needs please contact your Principal.

For additional information

Here you can find information from the The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency in English:

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