Update 20 March 17.00 

Dear coworkers, students and guardians, 

A very eventful week is coming to an end. I would like to take this opportunity to summarise the week and the actions taken across our schools as well as direct a thank you to all children, students, guardians, teachers and other employees at Bladins for the hard work, flexibility and support you have shown during this time. 

Firstly, I would like to inform you that Bladins Grundskola, BISM and both preschools (Montessori and IPS) will  be open as usual on Monday, as long as no other decision is taken by the government over the weekend. Students at Bladins Gymnasium and IB Diploma Programme will continue with distance learning. Bladins will continue to keep our schools open. We know how important both preschool and school is for many children and young people. Preschools and schools are places for learning, but they are also places for play and social engagement, security, personal development and care. Further, preschools and schools also provide stability and routines thus creating a much needed respite for children and young people at a time of uncertainty. We still encourage all children, students and coworkers to stay at home with any sign of cold or flu symptoms, and those students who are well enough are supported with tasks and remote teaching.

Last week ended with, on Sunday, the publication of new advice for all preschools and schools with regards to what actions schools should take to prevent spreading of covid-19. All schools at Bladins quickly implemented every one of these measures. On the same day, increased cleaning, daily disinfectant of computers and outdoor sports were introduced. The day after, on Tuesday morning, the Swedish Government informed that all of Sweden’s upper secondary schools, as well as adult education and universities should be taught remotely as of the day after. On Wednesday, all lessons at Bladins Gymnasium and DP started as usual, with one big difference, all students logged in to attend their lessons digitally from their own homes. So far, this way of teaching has been very successful. The teachers show great creativity and we are even noticing an increased student attendance at Bladins Gymnasium. Whether this is due to the excitement of trying something new or something that will last remains to be seen, but with the quality of education provided by our teachers there are great possibilities that this will continue. To adapt quickly and with flexibility to this new reality is a great achievement by both teachers and students at Bladins Gymnasium and DP and it deserves to be acknowledged! 

An additional measure confirmed yesterday afternoon by the Swedish Parliament was a new law that allows for the closure of Sweden’s preschools and schools in times of crisis. It is possible that we, in the near future, are faced with a decision which means that we will need to close parts or all of our preschools and/or compulsory schools. Further, this new law clarifies that, in the event of such a closure, the responsible authority, in our case the Bladins School Foundation, will be responsible for providing care for those children and students whose parents work in functions which are vital for the society as well as children and students who are in need of  special support. For us, this is an obvious part of our assignment and at Bladins we are working together to ensure that we will provide the best possible care and pedagogical environment for those children and students concerned. 

This last week I have had many questions from guardians with regards to how they can best help the school. This is a unique attitude I have not come across outside of Bladins and I am very grateful for it. I hear from them how incredibly happy they are with the hard work from all staff. And this is how guardians can help, by telling teachers, pedagogical staff, administrators, school management, caretakers, kitchen staff and everyone else what an amazing job they are all doing! This is important for everyone to hear, no matter what role they have at the school! 

Finally, I would like to thank you all again for the work that you put in, both in school and at home, to ensure that all children and students receive as good an education as possible during this period!

I wish you all a fantastic weekend, it is well deserved! 

Kind Regards, 

Magnus Wahlberg
School Director 

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