Update 17 March 11.30

Distance education for Bladins Gymnasium and IB Diploma Programme
as of tomorrow Wednesday March 18th

After recommendations from the Swedish Government, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish National Agency for Education today (2020-03-17) all teaching at Bladins Gymnasium will be done through distance teaching. This includes students in IB Diploma Programme (Pre DP, DP 1 & DP 2). All students and guardians of those students who are under 18 have received instructions as to how online, distance teaching will be conducted. Please note that additional or updated instructions may be sent out. If you as a student or guardian have questions please contact your subject teacher or mentor or, for technical support, itservice@bladins.se

The Government, the Public Health Authority and the National Agency for Education have recommended the closing all upper secondary schools, adult education and universities. The reason for the recommendation is that these school forms generally involve students from a larger geographical area, the students are used to working independently and they are not in need of care such as “fritids” or preschools.

Our compulsory schools (GR and BISM), preschools and after school care programmes are currently open, and follow the guidelines set for schools to prevent the spread of infection. As previously communicated, the schools are well prepared to teach students remotely if a decision is made to close schools. Bladins Grundskola and BISM have since Monday conducted distance education with the students who are at home for various reasons and it is working very well.

We would like to thank all guardians who help the school in this situation and support their children’s education at home. We would also like to address a large thank you, to all our teachers who show tremendous creativity, professionalism and flexibility in this new work situation.

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