Update 16 March 13.00 

With regards to updated guidelines for schools and preschools

Yesterday, (March 15 2020) the Public Health Agency of Sweden updated the guidelines for schools and preschools. This included extended advice on what actions schools are recommended to take to prevent the spreading of disease. All schools at Bladins are reviewing the advice, a majority of them have already been acted on: 

  • All children and students at Bladins are regularly reminded of the most important actions to take to prevent the spreading of disease (good hand hygiene, to sneeze/cough on the inside of the elbow, avoid touching their faces etc.) 
  • Extended cleaning at all schools, with disinfectant and a focus on door handles, light switches, handrails and toilets 
  • Equipment such as ipads and keyboards are wiped daily, toys are disinfected regularly 
  • Events outside of school hours such as performances, exhibitions and parent meetings are cancelled/postponed
  • Students are encouraged to leave a seat between each other in classrooms and dining room and advised to avoid unnecessary contact 
  • Students do not help themselves to food in the dining room but are served by the kitchen staff
  • All break time happens outdoors, increased time spent outside for after school care, pre schools and physical education lessons
  • Close contact sports are not taught in PE lessons
  • No external visitors allowed at any school
  • All study visits and class trips are cancelled/postponed until further notice

We would like to thank all guardians for dropping off and picking up your children outside the school entrances, this applies to the Swedish compulsory school and BISM, as well as after school care. 

As always at Bladins we are very observant of discrimination and any degrading treatment in our schools and between our students. We know that there has been situations like this in relation to the coronavirus in other parts of society, this is something we also speak about with our students. 

In a situation like this school is very important. Not only for providing children and students with education and a social context but also as an important agent for spreading correct information from a critical perspective. 

We thank you for your continued trust and support. 

You can see the updated guidelines here, Swedish only: 

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