Update 13 March 17.00

The Bladins School Foundation is planning to continue to keep its schools open next week. This is based on the recently updated information presented at a press conference hosted by, amongst others, the Public Health Authority and the National Agency for Education today (2020-03-13). 

According to the Public Health Authority’s assessment there are currently no reasons from a disease preventive perspective to close schools. The main reasons are that schools are not considered hotbeds for covid-19 and children are known to be less contagious than other groups. However, should the situation change the need to close schools may arise, in order to limit movement patterns throughout society. 

During the press conference, the National Agency for Education and the Public Health Agency both emphasised the importance of schools remaining open, considering

  • student’s right to education and social context 
  • children’s right to care
  • the importance of guardians of healthy children being able to carry out their work, especially those employed in public welfare organisations including health care and social welfare 
  • leaving children and adolescents in the care of elderly relatives/grandparents may increase the risk for one of the most vulnerable groups

Bladins sees no reason not to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority at this time, we are however ready to act should the guidelines change.  

We wish to remind you that the most important effort in reducing the spread of covid-19 throughout society is for everyone who experiences even mild cold and/or flu symptoms to stay at home. This also applies to our schools and we ask you to keep your child/ren at home if they are sick, even those with mild symptoms. 

Bladins would like to emphasise the importance of students having access to the education they are entitled to, we therefore encourage all guardians to send their healthy children to school. 

In this situation it is of great importance that information reaches guardians in a quick and efficient manner. We therefore wish to remind you to download the communication app used at your child’s school (Schoolsoft/Tyra) and to please activate push notifications. In the event of any updates these are our main channels of information. We have also created a dedicated page on our website, where we publish information continuously:

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