Update 13 March 09.00

Update 13 March 09.00

All schools at the Bladins School Foundation are open and operating as usual. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis. Bladins is prepared and have ready action plans for homeschooling in case of a decision to close our schools, Bladins Grundskola, BISM and Bladins Gymnasium. All teachers at the three schools have received instructions on how to conduct homeschooling, and the students will receive instructions during the day. Instructions will be shared with guardians from their respective schools during the day. 

Homeschooling does not apply to children in our preschools.  

We wish to remind you again to keep your children at home in case of cold and/or flu symptoms. 

Regarding Bladins Grundskola and Bladins International School of Malmö
As an extra precautionary measure we ask all guardians to avoid entering the schools in connection with drop off/pick up. Please leave/collect your children by the school entrance. There will be extra staff at each entrance to facilitate this. 


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