Distance education for grade 7-9 (MYP 2-4) at Bladins

Update: 8th January 2021

To all guardians at Bladins International School of Malmö and Bladins Grundskola

Due to the serious infection situation in Skåne, Region Skåne recommends that secondary schools, grade 7-9, begin the new term with distance learning. Throughout the pandemic, Bladins has carefully followed local, regional and national advice and recommendations. Therefore, students in grade 7-9 at Bladins Grundskola and MYP 2-4 at BISM will be taught digitally from the start of the term, January 12th. The decision by the school’s governing body (huvudman) applies until January 24th, but may be extended. 

Bladins’ schools are well prepared for distance learning. Since the start of the pandemic, Bladins has prioritised development within digitalisation and ensured the quality of the online teaching materials and tools we use. We know that the role of the student health care team is central when students learn from home.  Well prepared plans of how this work will be conducted to ensure the students’ well-being and their right to support are in place. Further, if a student is considered to need on-site teaching to accommodate their learning, the principal can decide on exemptions from distance education for this individual. 

In order for the teaching to be of as high quality as possible, well-functioning IT equipment and internet connection are important. Please contact itservice@bladins.se as soon as possible if your child has any problems with this at home so that the school can meet these needs. 

School lunch will be offered for collection daily at BISM. Information of how to register your interest for this will be sent separately. 

Additional information and instructions on how the education will be conducted for your child will be sent out from your child’s school this afternoon. 


With kind regards, 



Magnus Wahlberg
School Director
Bladins Skola 


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