We receive questions regarding applications and admission policies on a daily basis, and have selected the most frequently asked questions including answers below.

How many children are in the queue? Currently the queue is very long, for all age categories. Unfortunately, there is no way to estimate queue times. 

How many children are enrolled each year? Vacancies after the children who move up to school are filled in August each year. 

When should you register your child in the queue for Preschool? We have seen an increase in the already widespread interest in our preschool in recent years. We recommend registering your child in our queue as soon as possible after birth. Due to the level of interest we will not be able to offer placement to everyone in the queue. 

How do I register my child in the queue from abroad? If you live abroad and are not registered in Sweden you can’t place your child in the queue yourself. Instead, please contact the preschool at forskolan@bladins.se and they will help you apply.

What do I do it I don’t have BankID?
If you don’t have BankID you can contact the preschool at forskolan@bladins.se and they will help you apply. 

How do I register my child in the queue if we don’t have Swedish personal numbers (personnummer)? Please contact the preschool at forskolan@bladins.se and they will help you apply.

Do both legal guardians have to login and register the child in the queue?
No, in order to register a child in the queue only one legal guardian has to login and apply. However, both guardians must log in to reply accept if/when an offer of placement is sent out. In order to reply you need to be registered and have an account in our queue system. 

Are siblings prioritised?
Yes. State the siblings personal number (personnummer) in the application. Sibling priority is applicable for siblings already enrolled in and attending our preschool. 

When will I receive notice of placement?
Preschool enrollment begins mid spring every year. A few vacancies can arise during the academic year. Those in queue are contacted according to time since registration. Unfortunately we are not able to inform the ones who have not received a place. 

Am I guaranteed a place at a later date if I choose to decline an offer of placement? No. We only enroll new children if/when there is a vacancy. If you decline or fail to reply to an offer in time you are removed from the queue. 

How do you access the queue?
You log in using BankID.

I chose the wrong enrollment year, how do I change it? The preschool administrator can change enrollment year, please contact forskolan@bladins.se for help and include the child’s name and personal number in your email. 

Do Bladins Preschool and Bladins Montessoriförskola share the same queue?
No, they have separate queues and different application forms. It is not possible to transfer an application from one school to another within Bladins. 

Is it possible to transfer from Bladins Preschool to Montessoriförskola and vice versa without queuing to the other?
No. Children currently enrolled at one preschool do not have priority to switch to the other. This goes both ways. 

I filled out the form incorrectly and removed my child from the queue, and now I can’t register again. The child is still in the system and you have to contact the preschool at forskolan@bladins.se to update and activate the application. Please provide the child’s name and personal number in your email.