A day at preschool

The children who arrive early in the morning often eat breakfast together at the preschool. This is a quiet and pleasant moment, and an opportunity for educators and children to talk.

When all the children have arrived, we have a short briefing so that everyone is seen, heard, and receives information about the setup of the day. Following this, group activities of various kinds take place. Some groups stay indoors and participate in educational activities or have free play time, while others participate in educational activities in the park or in our nice preschool yard. Teaching at our preschool should stimulate and challenge the children with the curriculum’s goals as a starting point and direction, aiming at development and learning for our children. Teaching must be based on content both planned and spontaneous, as children’s development and learning takes place continuously. We work thematically and prepare all our children for primary school through, among other things, school preparation activities.

In addition to free play outside, we intertwine our educational theme with outdoor activities. This can take different forms:  for example, we practice mathematics by learning to count with nature’s resources, long jump, look for colors, classify and sort. We examine nature, listen to sounds or take the opportunity to do exercise and gymnastics.

After lunch we have a break reading either outside or inside and the little ones can sleep indoors. The children who have been inside and had educational activities in the morning need to come out in the afternoon.

After the snack, we have free activities throughout the preschool premises and the children can decide for themselves what, where and with whom they want to play until they then go home for the day.