Sibling advantage is applied (sibling advantage only applies to children registered on the same address). 

From Bladins Preschool to Bladins International School 

Bladins’ different units have separate queues, it is therefore not possible to transfer an application from one unit to another within Bladins. 

Children that attend Bladins Preschool are not guaranteed a place at BISM, but must meet the criteria for BISM applications. 

Admission to Bladins International School of Malmö 

According to swedish law, an international school can only provide education to students that fulfill at least one of the following categories:

  1. The student live in Sweden for a limited duration,
  2. the student has studied abroad for a longer period and wants to finish the education in Sweden,
  3. there is good reason to assume that the student will leave Sweden for a longer period, or
  4. The student has the school’s language of teaching as a daily language of contact with one or both guardians, and sufficient knowledge of the language to follow the teaching.

At BISM these categories are prioritized in numerical order.

Apply here

Please note that you can choose to make your application in Swedish or English.