About our preschool

Bladins Preschool is situated in a lush, green area of Malmö, with the picturesque Pildamm Park just steps away. In the summer of 2014, the preschool moved to its modern and luminous newly renovated premises, purpose-built to cater to our needs. Within these walls, dedicated educators, childminders, and Montessori and preschool teachers strive to make every day meaningful for our children.

Bladin’s Preschool follows the Swedish Preschool curriculum Lpfö 18, and the majority of our teaching is conducted in Swedish. However, we also provide support to our children in English through various activities including games, songs, stories, and language exercises. Central to our educational approach is the integration of Maria Montessori’s principles and the design of stimulating environments that foster imagination and creativity through play. We are committed to ensuring that all our children feel supported and encouraged to develop at their own pace. Our approach is guided by democratic principles, and we address and work on issues of equality.

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Comparison between IB guidelines and the Swedish preschool curriculum

On behalf of Bladins, Lotta Kårlind, former head of unit at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen), have made a comparison between the IB’s EYP (PYP) guidelines and the Swedish preschool curriculum. This compilation/analysis takes its starting point in the curriculum for Swedish preschool (Lpfö18) for children aged 1-5 years, and in the presentations/guidelines of EYP (PYP) for children aged between 3-5 years, available on the IB organization’s website www.ibo.org. The aim is to provide a schematic, overall picture of the similarities but also of the differences that can be found when reading through the various governing documents. The compilation does not claim to be scientific, it is not comprehensive.


The educators are not tied to any specific group of children, instead we allocate resources to meet the individual needs of all children. Our units cooperate throughout the year in the school yard, at opening and closing time, and during Christmas and summer holidays to support and uphold the safety of our preschool children.

Educators participate in further training and study current research, curricula and collegial learning in order to meet and develop the various needs and interests the children and our preschool has.

Fee levels for maximum fees (maxtaxa)

The childcare fee is the same as Malmö municipality, where the maximum fee is calculated based on the household’s total gross income per month.


The preschool follows the following guidelines for admission:

  • Sibling advantage
  • Date of application

Opening hours

We are open at our preschools according to current framework times:

The current opening hours of the preschool are from 07:15 to 17:30 on weekdays excluding holidays.