Bladins International Preschool caters for children between 1-5 years old. We follow the Swedish National Preschool curriculum with an English language profile. This means that children will be exposed to both Swedish and English in the classroom, a great benefit which prepares them both for a continued English language education and life as a child in Sweden. 

We take an inclusive approach to teaching, where our interaction with each child is based on their own capabilities and needs, and differences are viewed as assets. The teacher creates opportunities and environments where children can develop their knowledge. They gain faith in their own ability to educate themselves from different perspectives, such as intellectual, linguistic, ethical, practical, sensual and aesthetic. We also attach great importance to developing children’s influence and participation in their day to day activities. 

To do this in the best possible way, we use pedagogical documentation.  The use of pedagogical documentation is grounded in what the children are doing: what they are busy working on for the moment and what sparks their interests in their daily activities. This approach is really about capturing the children’s ongoing activities and relationships in order for the teachers to get the opportunity to discuss them and challenge the children further.


To apply to our Preschool, please review our Admissions page and complete an application. If you have any questions about admissions, please contact the Admissions Officer on