Within the Bladins foundation we have Bladins Preschool for children at the age of 1 to 5. 

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When the children are 5 years old, they can apply to transfer to Bladins International School of Malmö (BISM), where they start preparing for the Primary Years Programme, by attending our Early Years classroom as the final year of their preschool journey. At BISM we believe that inquiring through play in the early years supports the notion that learning is an active process. Healthy learning environments and supportive relationships, created and demonstrated by the learning community, further support this learning process. When these elements are in place, children respond with curiosity, imagination, creativity and agency. Through this active inquiry process, they naturally develop language ability, practise symbolic exploration and expression, and become self-regulated learners. 

As their skills evolve, early learners develop a positive sense of identity to interact, reflect and contribute to their own and others’ learning and development in the early years and beyond.

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