Update April 5th, 16.00

Information regarding childcare in the event of a possible closure

The Bladins School Foundation follow the directives from the Swedish government and
responsible public agencies. At present, Bladins pre schools and compulsory schools remain
open, but the foundation is preparing our schools for possible changes, including that parts
or all of our pre schools and/or compulsory schools will need to close.
In the event of such a closure Bladins are responsible for providing childcare for those
children/students whose guardians work in essential businesses as well as for
children/students who are in need of special support due to physical, psychological or other

For those work in essential businesses and are in need of childcare

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has clarified which sectors are considered to
be essential to society, link provided below.

In order for Bladins to be able to plan this in the best possible way, we ask you to speak to
your employer. It is the employer who determines if you work in an essential business and
which employees who are essential in order to uphold essential services.

We ask you to inform your child’s school if your work is considered essential and you are in
need of childcare for your child. We need this information as soon as possible, and no later
than 14th April.

Please note that you are only entitled to childcare if you are not able to arrange this in
another way. If there are two guardians and only one works in an essential business it is
expected that the second guardian takes care of the child.

Please send your information to
Bladins Förskola Katrin.Smith@bladins.se
Bladins Grundskola: Anneli.Eliasson@bladins.se
Bladins International Pre School: Katrin.Smith@bladins.se
Bladins International School of Malmö: Alex.Rankin@bladins.se

Care of children and students in need of special support

Children and students whose need of special support, due to physical, psychological or other
reasons can only be provided within pre school or after school care should be offered such

The school decide which students have the right to special support. If you as a guardian have
questions about your child’s needs please contact your Principal.

For additional information

Here you can find information from the The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency in English:

Update 20 March 17.00 

Dear coworkers, students and guardians, 

A very eventful week is coming to an end. I would like to take this opportunity to summarise the week and the actions taken across our schools as well as direct a thank you to all children, students, guardians, teachers and other employees at Bladins for the hard work, flexibility and support you have shown during this time. 

Firstly, I would like to inform you that Bladins Grundskola, BISM and both preschools (Montessori and IPS) will  be open as usual on Monday, as long as no other decision is taken by the government over the weekend. Students at Bladins Gymnasium and IB Diploma Programme will continue with distance learning. Bladins will continue to keep our schools open. We know how important both preschool and school is for many children and young people. Preschools and schools are places for learning, but they are also places for play and social engagement, security, personal development and care. Further, preschools and schools also provide stability and routines thus creating a much needed respite for children and young people at a time of uncertainty. We still encourage all children, students and coworkers to stay at home with any sign of cold or flu symptoms, and those students who are well enough are supported with tasks and remote teaching.

Last week ended with, on Sunday, the publication of new advice for all preschools and schools with regards to what actions schools should take to prevent spreading of covid-19. All schools at Bladins quickly implemented every one of these measures. On the same day, increased cleaning, daily disinfectant of computers and outdoor sports were introduced. The day after, on Tuesday morning, the Swedish Government informed that all of Sweden’s upper secondary schools, as well as adult education and universities should be taught remotely as of the day after. On Wednesday, all lessons at Bladins Gymnasium and DP started as usual, with one big difference, all students logged in to attend their lessons digitally from their own homes. So far, this way of teaching has been very successful. The teachers show great creativity and we are even noticing an increased student attendance at Bladins Gymnasium. Whether this is due to the excitement of trying something new or something that will last remains to be seen, but with the quality of education provided by our teachers there are great possibilities that this will continue. To adapt quickly and with flexibility to this new reality is a great achievement by both teachers and students at Bladins Gymnasium and DP and it deserves to be acknowledged! 

An additional measure confirmed yesterday afternoon by the Swedish Parliament was a new law that allows for the closure of Sweden’s preschools and schools in times of crisis. It is possible that we, in the near future, are faced with a decision which means that we will need to close parts or all of our preschools and/or compulsory schools. Further, this new law clarifies that, in the event of such a closure, the responsible authority, in our case the Bladins School Foundation, will be responsible for providing care for those children and students whose parents work in functions which are vital for the society as well as children and students who are in need of  special support. For us, this is an obvious part of our assignment and at Bladins we are working together to ensure that we will provide the best possible care and pedagogical environment for those children and students concerned. 

This last week I have had many questions from guardians with regards to how they can best help the school. This is a unique attitude I have not come across outside of Bladins and I am very grateful for it. I hear from them how incredibly happy they are with the hard work from all staff. And this is how guardians can help, by telling teachers, pedagogical staff, administrators, school management, caretakers, kitchen staff and everyone else what an amazing job they are all doing! This is important for everyone to hear, no matter what role they have at the school! 

Finally, I would like to thank you all again for the work that you put in, both in school and at home, to ensure that all children and students receive as good an education as possible during this period!

I wish you all a fantastic weekend, it is well deserved! 

Kind Regards, 

Magnus Wahlberg
School Director 

Update 17 March 11.30

Distance education for Bladins Gymnasium and IB Diploma Programme
as of tomorrow Wednesday March 18th

After recommendations from the Swedish Government, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish National Agency for Education today (2020-03-17) all teaching at Bladins Gymnasium will be done through distance teaching. This includes students in IB Diploma Programme (Pre DP, DP 1 & DP 2). All students and guardians of those students who are under 18 have received instructions as to how online, distance teaching will be conducted. Please note that additional or updated instructions may be sent out. If you as a student or guardian have questions please contact your subject teacher or mentor or, for technical support, itservice@bladins.se

The Government, the Public Health Authority and the National Agency for Education have recommended the closing all upper secondary schools, adult education and universities. The reason for the recommendation is that these school forms generally involve students from a larger geographical area, the students are used to working independently and they are not in need of care such as “fritids” or preschools.

Our compulsory schools (GR and BISM), preschools and after school care programmes are currently open, and follow the guidelines set for schools to prevent the spread of infection. As previously communicated, the schools are well prepared to teach students remotely if a decision is made to close schools. Bladins Grundskola and BISM have since Monday conducted distance education with the students who are at home for various reasons and it is working very well.

We would like to thank all guardians who help the school in this situation and support their children’s education at home. We would also like to address a large thank you, to all our teachers who show tremendous creativity, professionalism and flexibility in this new work situation.

Update 16 March 13.00 

With regards to updated guidelines for schools and preschools

Yesterday, (March 15 2020) the Public Health Agency of Sweden updated the guidelines for schools and preschools. This included extended advice on what actions schools are recommended to take to prevent the spreading of disease. All schools at Bladins are reviewing the advice, a majority of them have already been acted on: 

  • All children and students at Bladins are regularly reminded of the most important actions to take to prevent the spreading of disease (good hand hygiene, to sneeze/cough on the inside of the elbow, avoid touching their faces etc.) 
  • Extended cleaning at all schools, with disinfectant and a focus on door handles, light switches, handrails and toilets 
  • Equipment such as ipads and keyboards are wiped daily, toys are disinfected regularly 
  • Events outside of school hours such as performances, exhibitions and parent meetings are cancelled/postponed
  • Students are encouraged to leave a seat between each other in classrooms and dining room and advised to avoid unnecessary contact 
  • Students do not help themselves to food in the dining room but are served by the kitchen staff
  • All break time happens outdoors, increased time spent outside for after school care, pre schools and physical education lessons
  • Close contact sports are not taught in PE lessons
  • No external visitors allowed at any school
  • All study visits and class trips are cancelled/postponed until further notice

We would like to thank all guardians for dropping off and picking up your children outside the school entrances, this applies to the Swedish compulsory school and BISM, as well as after school care. 

As always at Bladins we are very observant of discrimination and any degrading treatment in our schools and between our students. We know that there has been situations like this in relation to the coronavirus in other parts of society, this is something we also speak about with our students. 

In a situation like this school is very important. Not only for providing children and students with education and a social context but also as an important agent for spreading correct information from a critical perspective. 

We thank you for your continued trust and support. 

You can see the updated guidelines here, Swedish only: 

Update 13 March 17.00

The Bladins School Foundation is planning to continue to keep its schools open next week. This is based on the recently updated information presented at a press conference hosted by, amongst others, the Public Health Authority and the National Agency for Education today (2020-03-13). 

According to the Public Health Authority’s assessment there are currently no reasons from a disease preventive perspective to close schools. The main reasons are that schools are not considered hotbeds for covid-19 and children are known to be less contagious than other groups. However, should the situation change the need to close schools may arise, in order to limit movement patterns throughout society. 

During the press conference, the National Agency for Education and the Public Health Agency both emphasised the importance of schools remaining open, considering

  • student’s right to education and social context 
  • children’s right to care
  • the importance of guardians of healthy children being able to carry out their work, especially those employed in public welfare organisations including health care and social welfare 
  • leaving children and adolescents in the care of elderly relatives/grandparents may increase the risk for one of the most vulnerable groups

Bladins sees no reason not to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority at this time, we are however ready to act should the guidelines change.  

We wish to remind you that the most important effort in reducing the spread of covid-19 throughout society is for everyone who experiences even mild cold and/or flu symptoms to stay at home. This also applies to our schools and we ask you to keep your child/ren at home if they are sick, even those with mild symptoms. 

Bladins would like to emphasise the importance of students having access to the education they are entitled to, we therefore encourage all guardians to send their healthy children to school. 

In this situation it is of great importance that information reaches guardians in a quick and efficient manner. We therefore wish to remind you to download the communication app used at your child’s school (Schoolsoft/Tyra) and to please activate push notifications. In the event of any updates these are our main channels of information. We have also created a dedicated page on our website, where we publish information continuously:

For more information please see the following links:  

Press conference, The Public Health Authority and The National Agency for Education, 2020-03-13,14.00 (Swedish):

The Public Health Authority’s information to schools (Swedish):

FAQ Public Health Authority (English): 

The National Agency for Education (Swedish):

Update 13 March 09.00

Update 13 March 09.00

All schools at the Bladins School Foundation are open and operating as usual. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis. Bladins is prepared and have ready action plans for homeschooling in case of a decision to close our schools, Bladins Grundskola, BISM and Bladins Gymnasium. All teachers at the three schools have received instructions on how to conduct homeschooling, and the students will receive instructions during the day. Instructions will be shared with guardians from their respective schools during the day. 

Homeschooling does not apply to children in our preschools.  

We wish to remind you again to keep your children at home in case of cold and/or flu symptoms. 

Regarding Bladins Grundskola and Bladins International School of Malmö
As an extra precautionary measure we ask all guardians to avoid entering the schools in connection with drop off/pick up. Please leave/collect your children by the school entrance. There will be extra staff at each entrance to facilitate this. 


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