Update 22 January 2021

To students and guardians at Bladins Gymnasium & BISM’s IB Diploma Program

On January 20th, 2021, the Public Health Agency announced that their recommendation regarding distance learning in upper secondary schools will be extended, but adjusted, until April 1st, 2021. The adjustment means that upper secondary education shall be conducted as a combination of distance and classroom learning, and students should receive at least 20% of their education at school. The return to school should take place gradually and with special regard to the local infection situation.

Infection control Skåne recommends that until February 12th, no more than one third of the students should be present at the school premises at the same time.  

In accordance with these recommendations, Bladins Skola has decided that Bladins Gymnasium and the IB Diploma Program will conduct a combination of distance and classroom education until April 1st. At present, this means that:

  • all students at Bladins Gymnasium and the IB Diploma Program will continue with distance education until January 29th. 
  • from February 1st, the schools will move over to a combination of distance and classroom education, to ensure that all students receive at least 20% of their education at the school until April 1st. 
  • Information on how this will be organised will be shared by each Principal next week.

Please note that this plan is subject to change depending on the local situation and further recommendations.  

With regards to distance learning in MYP 1- 4

To Guardians at Bladins Grundskola and Bladins International School of Malmö

In accordance with recommendations from Infection Control Skåne (Smittskydd Skåne) students in grade 7-9 and MYP 1-4 at Bladins should begin a gradual return to school. Therefore Bladins has decided the following: 

  • The online teaching continues for students in grades 7–9 & MYP 1-4 until January 29th
  • On February 1st, all students in grade 9 & MYP 4 should return to school 
  • Thereafter the remaining classes are planned to return to school gradually. The exact timeline for this has not yet been decided as it depends on how the infection situation develops and Infection control Skåne’s continued recommendations. We will return with more information about this at the end of next week.

Students who are learning remotely will continue to be offered school lunch in the same way as they have so far, please see information attached. 

Bladins is awaiting recommendations from Infection Control Skåne regarding upper secondary school education. These are expected to be announced this afternoon and students and guardians at Bladins Gymnasium and the IB Diploma Program will be informed as soon as possible. 

Routines for a safe school

The Bladins School Foundation works hard to reduce the risk of spreading infection in our schools. We work with the preventive measures recommended by the Public Health Agency and conduct regular risk assessments to evaluate and improve our routines and measures. As before, we work to reduce congestion by making changes to schedules and room allocations and to keep all of our schools closed to all external visits including guardians.

We thank you as guardians for doing your best to follow the routines each school has regarding drop-off and pick-up of your child and for informing your child about the importance of following the existing routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I inform school if my child is confirmed sick with Covid -19? 

If your child has received a positive test result and your child was at school during the time it was contagious, you must inform the Principal. A person is considered to be contagious from 24 hours before they experienced the first symptoms.

The Principal will then act in accordance with recommendations from the Infection control Skåne (Smittskydd Skåne). 

This also applies to students over the age of 18 who are attending upper secondary school.

Instructions for how to act in the event of a positive test result (Swedish link)

We have a confirmed case of Covid -19 in the family. Should my child stay at home? 

As of the 1st of December 2020, children of preschool and compulsory school age who live in a household with a person with confirmed covid -19 should follow the same rules of conduct as others in the household. This means that children in preschool and compulsory school must stay home from preschool, school and after school care from the date when the household member is tested positive and seven days ahead. Furthermore, guardians should pay extra attention to whether the child shows symptoms, as well as minimise the child’s contacts outside school, for another 7 days. See more details here.

Students attending upper secondary school must already follow the same guidelines.

Find more answers to your questions on our website here

Distance education for grade 7-9 (MYP 2-4) at Bladins

Update: 8th January 2021

To all guardians at Bladins International School of Malmö and Bladins Grundskola

Due to the serious infection situation in Skåne, Region Skåne recommends that secondary schools, grade 7-9, begin the new term with distance learning. Throughout the pandemic, Bladins has carefully followed local, regional and national advice and recommendations. Therefore, students in grade 7-9 at Bladins Grundskola and MYP 2-4 at BISM will be taught digitally from the start of the term, January 12th. The decision by the school’s governing body (huvudman) applies until January 24th, but may be extended. 

Bladins’ schools are well prepared for distance learning. Since the start of the pandemic, Bladins has prioritised development within digitalisation and ensured the quality of the online teaching materials and tools we use. We know that the role of the student health care team is central when students learn from home.  Well prepared plans of how this work will be conducted to ensure the students’ well-being and their right to support are in place. Further, if a student is considered to need on-site teaching to accommodate their learning, the principal can decide on exemptions from distance education for this individual. 

In order for the teaching to be of as high quality as possible, well-functioning IT equipment and internet connection are important. Please contact itservice@bladins.se as soon as possible if your child has any problems with this at home so that the school can meet these needs. 

School lunch will be offered for collection daily at BISM. Information of how to register your interest for this will be sent separately. 

Additional information and instructions on how the education will be conducted for your child will be sent out from your child’s school this afternoon. 


With kind regards, 



Magnus Wahlberg
School Director
Bladins Skola 


Remote learning for Bladins upper secondary school students until 24th January 2021

Update: 21 December 2020 

In accordance with recommendations from the Public Health Agency on Friday (2020-12-18) remote learning at Bladins Gymnasium and BISM’s IB Diploma Programme is extended until 24th of January 2021. The teaching will be conducted in the same way as it has in recent weeks, any changes or exceptions will be communicated to affected students and guardians from the Head of School/ Vice-Principal. 

The targeted healthcare work for students in our upper secondary programmes remains a priority and resources within the foundation are redistributed to ensure our students’ health and well-being during this period.

To ensure as high a quality as possible of the remote learning, well-functioning IT equipment and internet connections are important. For students who are experiencing problems with this, please contact itservice@bladins.se as soon as possible so that the school can best meet these needs. 

For questions regarding the remote learning, please contact the respective principal for each school. 

Bladins International School of Malmö

Bladins Gymnasium

Remote teaching and learning for IB Diploma Programme students as of Monday 7 December

To students and guardians at IB Diploma Programme 

After recommendations from the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency today (2020-12-03) all teaching of students in the Diploma Programme will be conducted remotely as of Monday 7th December. At present, these recommendations apply until January 6th 2021. 

All students and guardians of those students who are under 18 will receive instructions as to how the online, remote learning will be conducted tomorrow, Friday 4th December. 

The Head of School will be able to make exceptions to this for specific, practical assignments that cannot be completed digitally. The Head of School is also allowed to make exceptions for individual students who, for specific reasons, require to study in school. More information to follow tomorrow. 

We would like to thank guardians, teachers and, above all, students for their support, flexibility and responsibility in this situation. 

Updated guidelines for children who live with a person with confirmed covid -19


Update to all guardians at Bladins preschools and compulsory schools, including BISM.

Today (201201), the Swedish Public Health Agency informed about new rules of conduct regarding children of preschool and compulsory school age due to covid -19.

The new recommendations mean that children who live in a household with a person with confirmed covid -19 should follow the same rules of conduct as the others in the household. This means that children of preschool and compulsory school age should stay at home and not go to preschool, school or after school care from the date when the household member tested positive and seven days ahead. Furthermore, guardians should pay extra attention to whether the child shows any symptoms, as well as minimise the child’s contacts outside school, for another 7 days. See full details here (in Swedish). 

It is important that you follow your school’s usual routine for reporting absence. 

To the extent it is possible, Bladins Grundskola and BISM offer some distance learning or assignments for the student to complete at home. Please follow the same routine as when a student takes part in this due to other absence, such as with mild symptoms.  

If you have any questions with regards to the new recommendations, please contact your school, Principal or info@bladins.se. You can also find all up-to-date information about how Bladins handle covid -19 on our website


With regards to the stricter general advice in Region Skåne

Update: 2020-20-28

Yesterday (2020-10-27), the public was informed that the Swedish Public Health Agency, together with Region Skåne, has tightened the general public advice in the county due to a sharp increase in the spread of covid -19 infection throughout Skåne. This advice applies as of yesterday until the 17 of November, but may be extended depending on how the situation develops.

Throughout the pandemic, Bladins has followed the recommendations and advice of our responsible authorities closely and we take the situation in our society seriously. Today, our principals will review what possible measures could be taken at each school to further reduce crowding and secure the work environment for our children, students and employees. Information about any additional initiatives at each school will be communicated within the next few days.

However, the following measures apply to the entire foundation as of today to and including the 17th of November:

  • We pause all renovations of our premises carried out by external parties, exceptions only apply to emergency measures.
  • We minimise physical meetings amongst teachers, meetings between teachers must to the greatest extent take place digitally.
  • We have no physical meetings between staff of different schools units and central administration does not visit the schools, except in urgent matters.
  • We reintroduce daily corona follow-up meetings to be able to quickly meet the needs that arise.

The established routines regarding extended cleaning and disinfection of toys and teaching aids, mandatory hand disinfection of everyone inside our buildings and no external visits remain. We also have the experience since last spring when we conducted partial or solely distance learning at our compulsory school, BISM and upper secondary school, and are prepared to make changes in our education depending on the development.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone, staff, students and guardians to stay home at the slightest symptom. The Swedish Public Health Agency recommends that anyone who is experiencing cold and/or flu like symptoms, even mild ones, such as a sore throat, cough, runny nose or headache for more than 24 hours, should be tested for covid -19. Children under the age of 6 are exempt from this recommendation. You should stay at home until you have received a negative test result or for at least 7 days since the first symptoms, two of which should be without symptoms.

You will find more information about how to get tested on 1177.se (link below). Do contact your health care centre “vårdcentral” or 1177 för advice or if you have questions.

Have you or your child been in a situation where you think there was an increased risk of infection or do you know that someone you have met has been ill? Please contact your principal for advice.

To follow the stricter general guidelines is the social responsibility of every citizen. By avoiding situations where congestion can occur and reducing our social contacts, we together prevent the infection from spreading.

As a school, we will take the measures we can implement while ensuring the care and education for our 1500 children and students. Preschools and schools are essential services in society. Therefore, it is of extra importance that everyone who comes into our schools are healthy and follows the general advice and recommendations.

We thank you for your support and continued trust.

Useful links:

Stricter general advice (unfortunately only in Swedish) https://www.1177.se/Skane/aktuellt/aktuellt-i-skane/27-oktober-skarpta-rad-for-att-minska-smittspridning-i-skane/ 

How to test for covid -19:

Collected information about the health service and covid -19 in Skåne:

When are children and students allowed back to preschool or school after they have been sick?

Update: 4 September 2020

On the first of September 2020, the Public Health Agency updated their advice with regards to when children and students can return to preschool and school after sickness. Bladins has therefore updated our guidelines accordingly: 

Children and students who have stayed at home because of cold and/or flu symptoms but have not been tested for covid -19 are welcome back to preschool or school when they have felt completely healthy for 48 hours. When it has been 7 days since they became sick and they have felt healthy for 48 hours they can return to school and preschool even if they still have a mild cough or runny nose. 

Children and students who have tested positively for covid -19 should stay at home for at least 7 days after their first symptom as well as felt completely healthy for 2 days without a fever. After that, they can return to school or preschool even if a mild cough or runny nose remains. 

Children and students who have been at home due to sickness and have tested negative to covid -19 can return to preschool or school when they feel well and healthy and do not have a fever. 

For further clarification of these rules please see Folkhälsomyndigheten – Frågor och svar för unga (Swedish link) 

If you as a guardian feel unsure about whether to send your child back to preschool/school, please contact 1177 for further advice. 

To guardians at BISM and Bladins Grundskola, April 16th 2020

Dear Guardians, 

Welcome back after the spring break.

We are pleased to note that we have a slightly higher student attendance at school since we returned after the break, but the student absence rate remains high. There are, of course, natural reasons that there are more students absent now than usually due to the strict guidelines for people with cold and flu symptoms. However, we would still like to remind you of the compulsory education law in Sweden and each child’s legal right to education.

The compulsory education law is detailed in chapter 7 of the Swedish School Act and stipulates which children the law applies to, and what responsibility the Principal, the responsible authority (Bladins Foundation) as well as the legal guardians have in order to uphold this law. The compulsory education law applies to all children who are residents in Sweden from August of the calendar year they turn 6 up until they have completed their 10th school year, Grade 9 (MYP 4). During this time they have to attend compulsory school and it is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that they do. The Principal of a school is legally bound to monitor students’ attendance rates, and, in the event of concern about high or repeated absences, the Principal must begin an investigation. This applies to both authorised and unauthorised absence. The Principal should also report such a concern to the responsible authority. The investigation is done in consolidation with the student and the student’s guardians and may lead to further actions being taken.

The law on compulsory education is important as it guarantees that all children in Sweden receive the education which they are entitled to. As government agencies in Sweden have chosen to keep compulsory schools open the law of compulsory education still applies. Therefore it is very important that you as a guardian send your healthy child to school as long as they are without symptoms.

Bladins has chosen to offer distance education for those students who are advised not to go to school by their Doctor. It is also available for students who are at home sick but considered well enough to follow the education by their guardians. This is done to ensure that the education of as few students as possible is affected by the prevailing situation. However, this is not offered to provide guardians with an opportunity to keep their healthy child at home.

In order for the school to best follow a student’s development, ensure that their needs are being met and that they reach their goals, the student should be at school. Distance education has proven to be an excellent complement to our teaching, but when the school is open, the education should take place in the classroom. We also know from experience that it is important for children’s physical and mental health to maintain normal daily routines at times like these. Therefore we would like to remind you that all healthy students without cold / flu symptoms should come to school and participate in classroom learning.

Furthermore, the current situation is also a work environment issue for our teachers who work very hard to ensure that all students have access to the best possible education. They are currently teaching on two fronts and this is not sustainable long term to the extent that is done today.

Bladins understands that this is a time of worry. Therefore, we want to assure you that we are closely following the guidelines of the government and the responsible authorities in order to prevent the spread of infection in our schools. No students or staff are allowed to come to school if they are experiencing any symptoms. You can read up-to-date information about covid -19 on this page on the Bladins website: With regards to the coronavirus. 

With kind regards,

Magnus Wahlberg

School Director 

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